Meta Marketing

In Meta marketing, we take into account the behavior and habits of your target audience
and create marketing messages that are relevant and appealing to these users.

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Why is Meta marketing the key to the growth of your business?

On the Meta platform, you can reach up to 3 million users monthly in Finland. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to discover your customer base and market directly to them?

Successful campaigning requires the right approach, and at Uhma, we ensure that your advertising yields assured clicks, sales, and genuine results. We have successfully generated over €31,978,000 for one of our clients.

We offer the best value by planning and executing impactful campaigns that enhance your visibility and sales in both the short and long term.


Elevate your brand to a new level.

How can Meta marketing set you apart from your competitors?

Stay ahead of the competition by harnessing the power of Meta marketing. Together, we explore how you can stand out from your competitors and create a more enticing brand experience through Meta marketing.


How did we achieve a CTR of 36.78%?

Meta gathers data from over 3 billion users by tracking their behaviors, interests, and psychographic information.

By leveraging this information, we can optimize Meta marketing campaigns to ensure they are effective and yield desired results.

Hyper-optimization of a Meta campaign


KPI, ROAS, CPC, and other important metrics. Without goals, there are no results.


Campaigns continuously run multiple versions of images, text, CTAs, and target audiences.

optimization and scaling

Ads are continuously optimized – ineffective ones are excluded, and effective ones are scaled.

No nonsense, just real results.

Impressions in advertisements:


€ generated for customers:


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