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AI-driven growth:

Hacking Success Crafting Future Beyond Expectations

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AI Agency Uhma - a place where the future takes shape through intelligent collaboration!

AI Agency Uhma - a place where the future takes shape through intelligent collaboration!

We sail agilely on the crest of the artificial intelligence wave, offering you customized solutions. We can create an AI bot tailored specifically for your business – intelligently, efficiently, and with a competitive edge.

Our solution for growth

Our services

AI Bots

We optimize your marketing intelligently! Choose a ready-made artificial intelligence bot or let’s tailor an AI bot specifically to meet the needs of your business.

Meta Marketing

Optimize the marketing of your product or service to a targeted audience using effective A/B testing, thereby increasing your return on investment.

Search Engine Optimization

Stay on the cutting edge of search engine optimization. We excel at optimizing your website both technically and in terms of content.

Conversion Optimization

We optimize your website or online store to do what it does best – increase your sales or generate leads.

Content Marketing

We create engaging content that reaches the right target audience, ensuring long-term and stable growth.

Growth Partnership

If your business is not growing, it is effectively losing market share. Ensure that your business leverages all its growth potential.
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Start your growth now

Tell us about your growth plans

Join us as a partner and outpace your competitors, but first:

– Immerse yourself in growth hacking perspectives tailored to your business and goals.

– We craft customized strategies that propel you toward your objectives.

– We clarify achievable results and budgets.

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Pioneering growth with the power of AI

Why choose AI Agency Uhma?

We are the pioneers in artificial intelligence marketing, and by choosing us, you gain access to an AI-based, customized growth strategy that truly works. We don’t just make empty promises; we are committed to delivering measurable results powered by AI.

We don’t just follow trends; we create them with our AI bots. As our client, you can expect intelligent and targeted strategies, precise AI-driven analytics, and continuous AI-assisted optimization. We don’t offer quick wins; we provide sustainable and significant results — and best of all, we’re not just rubbing sticks together to make fire, but surrendering to the possibilities of technology! Let’s ignite your growth rocket more efficiently.
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Dedicated growth partner

The success of the project is built on strong mutual understanding

Uhma’s entire growth team, fortified by artificial intelligence, seamlessly integrates into the evolution of your business to ensure its consistent and robust growth. In this way, our collaboration becomes more than just business – it becomes a strategic move toward success.

Growth doesn’t happen by waiting

When to turn to Uhma?

Our clients

Trusted partner for businesses of every size

“We had to call Uhma and ask them to pause the marketing for a moment so that we could better serve the increased number of customers!”

Juho RajamÀki,
4 Vuodenaikaa

“Uhma definitely earns a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ recommendation! The schedule, content, and price were completely on point. Working with them was smooth and easy.”

Mandi Blomqvist,
Hetja Palvelut

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