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We are looking just for you

Meta Ad Specialist

We are looking for a Meta Ad Specialist with several years of experience in paid advertising. You feel right at home in the playing field of Meta Business Suite and the ad account. We expect from you the ability for creative problem-solving, as well as a development, results, and goal-oriented approach to your work. You are curious and eager to learn new things, as well as open to continuously developing your skills.

We hope that you follow visual trends as well as developments in the media industry. You possess strong and insightful visual skills. In addition, you understand the significance of data and testing in advertising and can produce high-quality, memorable, and engaging content for various advertising channels.

We are not afraid to fail, as it helps us pave the way to success. Uhma’s experienced professionals are equipped with a can-do attitude. Do you have it?

If you feel like you belong to Uhma’s galactic team, send an informal application with work samples and an up-to-date CV! Let’s stay in touch!

We are looking just for you

LinkedIn Ad Specialist

Do you have superior expertise in LinkedIn advertising?

Uhma is looking for a LinkedIn advertising astronaut who creatively crafts various ads to reach the targeted customer journey in the most suitable way.

For you, the diverse advertising types on the LinkedIn platform, such as sponsored updates, direct messages, display advertising, text ads, and dynamic ads, are basic stardust, and you use them agilely to achieve set goals.

You understand inbound and outbound marketing as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, and you create creative and engaging content. You excel in targeting on the LinkedIn platform, precise data measurement and tracking, and cost-effective optimization.

Whether you’re a freelancer looking for work or a representative from an advertising agency, we want to hear from you. Send us an informal application with work samples and an up-to-date CV.

We offer you


A work community that cares about you.

Every Uhma employee gets to express themselves in their own way, and as a work community, we aim to create a development, results, and goal-oriented environment for our employees.


Location-independent workplace

You are always welcome to our office! You can work from home, a café, or even from the pier! We regularly have a PP (Meeting Friday), when we gather together.


Flexible working hours

You can work at a time that suits you. For us, it’s more important that the work gets done within the agreed-upon time, and working with clients is seamless.


Digital tools and Apple devices

At our office, you’ll have access to Apple devices from phones to computers. In addition, we provide licenses for the software and tools required for the job.

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